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Mobile as a Platform

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Mobile Shift at XING - Apps World 2016 in Berlin

I spoke about Scaling Mobile at XING at Apps World Germany. The focus is on how to establish platform teams across the company and what challenges to face.

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Alexander Greim as Director Mobile Engineering is heading the mobile & API unit at XING that includes iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and XING web services. He is one of the key figures in transforming XING into a mobile first company. Earlier in 2010 when mobile became traction, he was given the responsibility to put together a mobile team. Since then it has grown from a 2 people to a 40 person strong unit.

Initially in 2008 when he joined XING he was assisting in developing the web platform, but just after 6 months he took in charge of the entire Ruby on Rails team. Alex graduated in computer science in 1995 and worked on various freelancing jobs, before starting at XING.

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